Calling all bus riders!


Helpful Info

Mary Lin has three buses and each bus will have a parent volunteer Bus Captain. The captain will be notified by the school if a bus is running late and will then send a group text to the people on that route to let them know. The system works great in the afternoons but does not work as well in the mornings when the buses are coming straight from the bus yard vs the school, so please be patient and please remember that our bus captains are volunteers and are doing the best they can. This is not a service provided by APS but by our awesome Mary Lin parents and PTA.

If your child is in K-2, he or she will receive a color coded bus tag on the first day of school to put on his or her backpack. Please make sure it stays on your child's backpack at all times even if he or she only rides the bus occassionally. You do not need to let me know what your child's bus schedule is - this is something that you will communicate with your teacher on a daily/weekly basis and your teacher will be the one to make sure your child follows the correct dismissal procedure. The bus tag is just an extra step to make sure your child is color coded to the correct bus.

Students who are riding home with a friend via the school bus will need a bus pass that is approved by our assistant principal, Mary Benton,  Please complete the bus pass found here, including the bus stop and refer to the bus stop locations.

Are you new to Mary Lin?

If you are new to the school and do not yet know your bus stop location, you can click on the following link and enter your address to find out where it is:

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!

Cara Stevens
Bus Coordinator