Sunday, March 22nd, Mary Lin Auditorium

SHOW I 1:00pm (not in act order): Colette Coffee, Wyatt Gordon, Hilden, Levi & Crew Hawkins, Isla and Annaliese Murphy, Zoe Norwood & Lorelei Russell, Kate Wilson, Early Smith & Anna Kate Connors, Lila Teras, Marnie Gleason, Phoebe Schroeder, Brynn Roll & Vega Sullivan, Synnove Olson, Olivia Paul & Zoe Bulloch, Teddy Sandhaus, Frannie & Jolie Verdi, Eva Florez, Wren Fitzgerald, Ella Lambe & Ava Wolgemuth, Liya Yalew, Max Zelniker, Julia Young, Mimi Schwartzwald, Piper Rethinger & Gretchen Oakley, Eloise Young, Anna Gibson, Sadie Teras, Amelia Roberts & Katherine Cardwell

SHOW II 3:00pm (not in act order): 

Nai & Leen Abboushi, Lillian & George Aynes, Ada Bryant, Rowyn Chekanow & Camille Armstrong, Mollie & Clara Bloomfield, Eleanor Campbell, Tayo Davis & Desmond Petite, Naomi Goldberg, Ella Sigl & Ela MacLane, Lila Lackey & Sammie Blumm, Rubani Kaur, Rose Silver, Julia Tharp, Shelby Roberts, Audrey Wolff, Lily Zelmer, Sienna Zizzi, Oliver Loring, Oliver Betts, TomTom Javelona & Patrick Kearns

We have an amazing diversity of talent this year with 65+ kids participating! You don't want to miss this event. We have an incredible cast of musicians, dancers, singers, and even jump ropers and hula hoopers. It’s going to be a TERRIFIC show!

Mark your calendars for March 22nd to see your spectacular, hard-working friends and classmates on stage. Tickets are available now; act quickly, because these shows always sell out.


If you have any questions, please contact Hallie Meushaw and Kristin Young at

Performer T-Shirts: Please purchase only if your child is in the 2020 show!